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Our Team

Brandon Williams
Managing Director

Brandon Williams is a top provider of expert IT Consultant services.

He has over 15 years in serving as IT consultant and a long list of satisfied customers. We will be happy to provide additional references upon request.

Along with being the owner and Managing Director, Brandon’s versatility and experience mean that he is valuable on all layers of projects. He is involved from pre-project engineering to costing, planning and execution.


Antoinette Breytenbach
Administration Manager

Antoinette leads our administration and finance function.

Her contribution goes beyond those functions and she fulfils a critical role by keeping her finger on all critical processes.

Brandon Hill
Infrastructure Manager

Brandon is one of our older statesmen and infrastructure specialist.

His intimate knowledge of the major conference venues and cabling makes him invaluable for our success.

His reputation proceeds him as many know, if Brandon is on the job, they can expect top level service and cleanliness.


Prosperis technology collaboration

Unit A19, Bellville Business Park
Bellville, South Africa.


+27 21 559 9640