Speaker & Presentation Management


Speaker & Presentation Management

Speaker presentation rooms relieves the event organiser of all speaker related matters. It saves time and allows the event organiser to prepare more efficiently for the conference allowing him or her more time to focus on other matters.

The speaker presentation room allows the delegates to familiarise themselves with the process, make last minute alterations to their presentation and gives them piece of mind and more confidence when having to present.

Our speaker presentation room ensures that the correct format is used, video’s not only play but that they are embedded correctly into the presentation and that they are uploaded into the correct venue in the correct timeslot.

The speaker presenter room also allows the event organiser to check if a speaker has arrived or not, thus allowing for last minute edits to the event programme to occur as seamless as possible.

The speaker presentation room benefits everyone involved with the conference from the event organiser through to the technicians in the perspective venues.

Speaker Benefits are:

  • One place to load all presentations.
  • Skilled staff to help with editing and provide sound advice.
  • Check that correct content is in their presentation in the correct format.
  • Familiarize themselves with the process.
  • Be updated as to changes in the event programme.
  • Get solid directions to the venue in which they are presenting.

Technician Benefits are:

  • Each room is monitored through our system from the speaker presenter room.
  • Presenters are educated on how the technology works and how to utilize it as efficiently as possible.
  • Can check if the have all presentations for their upcoming session and can notify one central place of any short comings or related issues.
  • One central place for all their enquires.

Event Organizer Benefits are:

  • One central place to contact with all speaker related enquires.
  • Gets given a master copy of all presentations after the conference for distribution.